The Importance of Commercial Building Permits

What’s lurking under the surface of your building? If work was done without commercial building permits, you could be in for an unfortunate surprise. You’ve found the perfect commercial property to invest in: it has the right number of office suites, the perfect amount of square footage, and plenty of parking

That Affordable Home Inspection Could Cost You

 If you’re about to drop $350,000 on a house, it’s natural to want to cut corners somewhere. And while you’re probably fine buying the cheapest shower curtain or bath towels, one area you don’t want to skimp on is your home inspection. As it turns out, that “affordable” home inspection

Buying a Home? 9 Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

You’ve done it. After touring countless properties, you’ve finally found the perfect home for you and your family. And better yet, the seller has agreed to your offer! Now, you just need the house to pass inspection. This might feel like a formality. Like something you are supposed to do. But trust us, a home

11 Questions to Ask a Home Inspector

There are so many home inspectors…how do you choose? The quality of your home inspection will make or break your real estate experience. Here are 11 questions to ask a home inspector so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality inspection. Whether you’re a homeowner or an investor,

What Happens After a Home Inspection Uncovers Problems?

You put in an offer on a new home, but it didn’t pass inspection. What next? Here’s what happens after a home inspection uncovers major issues. You’re about to drop a big chunk of change on a new home, so you decide to get an inspection first (good call, by the

The Importance of a Detailed Property Inspection

House hunting can be a long, stressful process. But don’t let finally finding your dream home blind you to its potential issues and pitfalls. A property inspection can give you valuable information, whether you decide to move forward with the purchase or not. But not all property inspections are created equal.

Challenging Buyer? How To Manage Buyer’s Repair Request When Selling Your South Florida Property

One of the most anticipated moments for any residential or commercial South Florida real estate seller is the inspection process.  This is when a professional inspector looks over most every aspect of your property’s appearance and condition, such as plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, roofing issues, termite infestation to even your kitchen appliances. The vast

Fall Is Here! Now Is The Time For Maintenance and Insurance Review

The current warm temperatures in south Florida are typical this time of year. While much of the nation is experiencing fall-like weather, our days continue to be hot and include some stormy afternoons. Of course, this won’t last forever, as typically cooler temperatures arrive some time later next month or the first of December. However,

Home Buying Perils

Home Buying Perils   My parents bought their first house in 2005. Unfortunately, they didn’t know much about home buying or home inspections. They fell in love with their beautiful three bedroom and two bathrooms home and bought it without checking the property or getting a second opinion. Later that year, I began having trouble breathing

How To Hire A Building Contractor For Your South Florida Commercial Or Residential Property

If you are considering building or remodeling your South Florida commercial or residential property, you will start your project on the right foot by taking your time to find the best contractor suited for the job. With countless of contractors in our area, this could be an overwhelming task for those property owners new to


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