A BIS Building Inspection is a Sound Investment…Not an Expense…

Building Inspection Services (BIS) is the largest, unbiased inspection company in the Southeast performing hundreds of building, commercial, and home inspections each month. For the last 30 years, companies such as ABC, NBC, and CBS as well as nationally recognized newspapers have hired BIS as experts for their investigative reports. In addition, BIS has provided expert testimony in County, State and even Federal Courts. In 1992, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, BIS was appointed by Miami-Dade County to serve as a member of the Independent Commission of Inquiry. Given BIS’s experience and knowledge, you will not find a more qualified firm than BIS.

Will Hidden Problems Affect the Return on Your Investment? Find the Answer Before You Invest.

Tall condominium skyrise with Dunes Casino de Paris sign out front

BIS inspected the former Dunes Resort Hotel & Casino Complex. Las Vegas Nevada. 14 acres under roof and 2 high-rise buildings.

Inspector showing residential property to residents

BIS Makes the Unknown … KNOWN

BIS gives you the information needed to make unknown repairs and expenses known before you invest. We perform a thorough, top to bottom inspection of any size property you are planning to purchase and provide to you a certified report listing repairs or modifications that the property may require.

Inspections Are Our Only Business

Although licensed and qualified to design, construct, repair or replace any or all components of a building or home, BIS chooses not to be involved in those aspects of the business; thus guaranteeing that our certified report to you is professional and unbiased. We have nothing to gain but your satisfaction and future business.

Upon completion of the on-site inspections, BIS will provide a thorough and precise certified report detailing the observed deficiencies.

What We Inspect:

  • Home Inspections

  • Hotels

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Shopping Malls

  • Warehouses

  • Industrial Plants

  • Factories

  • Office Buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Multiple Building Complexes

  • Commercial Inspections

  • and More!

Why Building Inspection Services?

  • We stand behind our work with written Limited WARRANTIES on residential inspections.

  • We’ve earned respect in the business of inspecting SINCE 1975.

  • We give you more with complete NARRATIVE REPORTS.

  • Building Inspection Services has performed inspections from the CARIBBEAN TO CALIFORNIA.

  • We are a FOUNDING MEMBER of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI).


  • We are qualified as experts in COUNTY, STATE, AND FEDERAL COURTS and have been EXPERTS for NBC, ABC, CBS and NEWSPAPERS from Florida to California.

  • Building Inspection Services inspectors were appointed by Miami-Dade board of County Commissioners to the CONSTRUCTION ADVISORY BOARD after Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992.

  • We have performed tens of thousands of inspections on more than SIX BILLION DOLLARS OF REAL ESTATE.

  • We maintain coverage in Worker’s Compensations, Liability and Errors & Omission’s INSURANCE.

Our Team?

Our dependable team of licensed engineers, professional inspectors, contractors and pest control inspectors can provide you with quality professional expertise on any structure, existing or proposed. Ask your attorney, investment broker or lending institution who to call for home or building inspections. We are confident that they will recommend us. We have provided professional inspection services through these same professionals for our many clients throughout the country. Our order takers and report processors are courteous, knowledgeable, and sensitive to your time demands.