The construction management field is booming. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicted an eleven percent growth in this job market over the next 10 years.

With economic growth comes more commercial construction and the need for a construction project manager to keep everything on-track.

Construction project managers are key to completing a project in the most accurate and efficient way possible, but—much like the labor and materials you use—this is one area where you get out what you put in.

While the building company might boast about their quality and cost-efficiency, how do you verify their claims and hold them accountable? It’s simple.


Hire BIS as your construction project manager.

BIS has spent the last 44 years building a reputation in the industry of paramount quality. As licensed commercial building inspectors, we don’t just know how a building should look, we’ve seen firsthand all the ways that a construction project can go wrong.

Contractor standing in front of blurry building

And because we don’t work for the construction company, we’re looking out for your bottom line, not theirs. With every job, our primary concern is ensuring that your investment is protected right from the start.

Here are the many ways that hiring a commercial building inspector as your construction project manager will help your bottom line.


What Does a Construction Project Manager Do?

A construction project manager, in short, guides a construction job from start to finish. They may have an office but, most of the time, you’ll find the construction manager out on the job, making sure all of the work completed is up to par.

Enforces Deadlines

Construction managers make sure a project stays on track and meets deadlines. Whether you’re a lender or equity firm, you have obligations to fulfill.

A construction project manager knows those deadlines and enforces them so you don’t have to worry about keeping track or losing valuable dollars for not meeting a deadline.

Ensures Compliance

Construction managers also make sure companies follow labor laws. The Fair Labor Standards Act has some complicated language, and a construction project manager will make sure a commercial company follows those laws to the letter.

A good construction manager will also spend time on the job—not just in an office—observing workers the entire time they’re on-site, so your liability is reduced.

construction workers reviewing building plans

Protects a Company

Arguably the most important job of a construction project manager is to ensure that building and safety codes are met. Building codes vary from city to city. Your manager will understand this and make sure the commercial project follows the building codes of the city where you’re building the project.

This is probably the best reason for hiring a licensed commercial building inspector as your construction manager. Because an inspector knows what to look for, they can catch any and all errors right away.

Honest Communication

If you’re commissioning or investing in a large-scale construction project, you have a vested interest in making sure that everything is going according to plan. But short of showing up every day (with your limited construction knowledge), how can you keep an eye on your pet project?

Your construction project manager will provide daily reports of work completed, issues discovered, and the steps taken to remedy them. You’ll stay up-to-date and in the loop.


How Does a Construction Project Manager Help?

When it comes to commercial buildings, there’s no such thing as a “small mistake.” Something that might go unnoticed in the beginning stages could create a huge and costly issue months later. Construction managers help avoid those mistakes.

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Saves Time

A great manager will save you more time than you can imagine. With day-to-day issues being tackled as they crop up, you’ll be free to run other projects and rest assured that BIS has it all under control.

Saves Money

Construction managers can cost a pretty penny, but they save you a lot of money in the long run. Experienced managers see problems, offer solutions, and take hold of the project as their own. They help you avoid costly penalties and push your company to meet deadlines, thereby saving you costly penalties and other costs.

Saves Headaches

When you hire BIS as your construction project manager, you can rest assured that the project is being completed legally as well as to your own exacting standards. We can identify problems before they grow out of control, and cut those problems off at the pass.


Win-Win Construction Project

A construction project manager saves you time, money, and headaches while still allowing you to retain some control over your commercial building project.

When you hire BIS as your construction manager, everyone wins. Your company produces a great product, you pass off the stress of managing the project, and your client receives the building they’re dreaming of.

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