Chinese drywall was imported between 2001 and 2006, however most of the problems are with houses built between 2004 and 2006. You might need a home inspector in Broward to come check it out.

Problems with Chinese Drywall

  1. Foul Odor (could smell like rotten eggs or ammonia)
  2. Corrodes metal surfaces, especially copper
  3. Potentially causes adverse health effects.
  4. Not yet proven, but the potential exists that the sulfur gases can penetrate and corrode wood and concrete, which can potentially cause structural failures.
  5. All of the above conditions can still exist after the drywall has been removed if it’s not remediated correctly

Chinese Drywall Inspection

  1. Smell for foul odor when you first walk in. Be aware that the chemicals temporarily cause your sense of smell to diminish so you won’t smell it for long.
  2. Look at all metal surfaces including plumbing fixture handles and faucets, kitchen appliances, etc.
  3. Remove all panel covers from the air handler unit and check the coils and wiring for corrosion or blackness.
  4. Remove electrical receptacle cover plates and check for corrosion or blackness.
  5. Remove the distribution panel cover and check for corrosion or blackness of the panel box, cover breaker and wires. Pay close attention to copper wires.
  6. In the attic, look at the back of drywall. Look for the following writing:
    -Made in China
    -Knauf Tianjin
    -KPT(which stands for Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin)No official protocols exist for remediation of drywall yet but contractors are having success with removing and replacing the following components:

    1. Drywall
    2. Insulation
    3. All electrical wiring
    4. Distribution panels including all breakers
    5. Appliances and similar equipment including alarm systems and intercoms
    6. Air handler units

    Chinese Drywall

    For Real Estate Professionals: For more information, a knowledgeable inspector from Building Inspection Services can come to your next office meeting to discuss the Hazardous Chinese Drywall Inspections as well as the impacts it is having on our real estate market free of charge. Call (800) 255-3317 and ask for Mike Jenkins for more information.