Are you one of those people who wonder what a building inspector sees when he disappears into the tiny dark space under a house?  Wonder no more! Here are some photos from a home inspection in Broward.

The cracking concrete in the following photos are floor joists, very important structural member which prevents the floor you walk on from collapsing. They are cracking because the steel inside the joists are corroded (a condition known as spalling).


home inspector broward structurehome inspection broward structure

So the contractor’s response to correct this problem is to provide additional support to the floor.  Well if you ever played the game Jenga, it’s a bit like that. (everyone hold their breath!)


crawl space home inspection browardcrawl space home inspector broward

Or my personal favorite. How much many pounds do you think your house weighs? How much weight do you think a 2×4 can support?


home inspection broward 2x4s